Saturday, June 13, 2009

Restoring files in Eclipse

Restoring deleted files
Restoring deleted files in Eclipse IDE is very simple, just do the following:
- Select the project in which o restore the file.
- From the pop-up menu select 'Restore from local history' option. (In case of mac os, hold the ctrl key and click on the project to invoke the pop-up)

- Select the file to restore. Select the edition of the file to restore.

- Click on restore.

Restoring a different version of the file
- Select the file to restore.
- From the pop-up menu select 'show in'. Select 'history'.

- It opens the history perspective.
- Select the version to be restored. To compare the version just choose 'Compare current with local' from the pop-up menu.

- Double click on the version to restore it.

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